Power Outage Disrupts Operations at Lugia’s Ice Cream Shop During Heat Wave

by Alice

Lugia’s Ice Cream, located at 4719 Lyell Road in Spencerport, faced temporary closure on Wednesday after a power outage struck around noon, as confirmed by Manager Gia Rumsey.

Rumsey recounted the sudden loss of power during a busy day: “Everything was wonderful, it was a great start to the day with customers enjoying the ice cream weather, and then all of a sudden, I was in the office and all power just totally shut off.”


Prompt action was taken, with a call placed to RGE resulting in a technician arriving within an hour. The issue was identified as a transformer problem requiring replacement.


During the outage, Rumsey and her team took measures to preserve the ice cream, securing containers with lids and utilizing ice cream trucks with generators to maintain temperature for custom cake orders. Despite their efforts, approximately 100 customers had to be turned away.

Reflecting on the incident, Rumsey expressed regret over disappointing customers, particularly children: “If you could just see the disappointment on these people’s faces and the little kids. I felt so sad. Like I’m so sorry. So, it just stunk, it was terrible.”

Despite the setback, many patrons expressed patience and understanding, willing to wait until normal operations resumed.

Lugia’s Ice Cream offers a variety of 70 different flavors, including both dairy and non-dairy options, along with custom-made cakes. Business hours are from noon to 9:30 p.m. daily.


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