Ice Cream Days Returns to Le Mars in June, Promising Fun-Filled Festivities

by Alice

LE MARS, Iowa – Ice Cream Days is set to make a comeback in Le Mars this June, bringing with it a flurry of festivities for locals and visitors alike.


Scheduled to kick off on Wednesday, June 12, and running through Saturday, June 15, this year’s Ice Cream Days event promises a multi-day extravaganza filled with entertainment and excitement.

Attendees can look forward to a diverse range of activities, including a lively parade, engaging games, a classic car show, captivating concerts, a colorful carnival, delightful pony rides, and more.

True to its name, Ice Cream Days will offer an abundance of the beloved frozen treat, alongside a variety of food options provided by multiple vendors to satisfy every palate.

Adding to the excitement, KCAU 9’s weather team will be present on Thursday for Guest Weather, offering attendees the chance to participate in making their own weather predictions for Siouxland.

For a comprehensive list of activities and further Ice Cream Days fun, interested individuals can find more information here.

It’s worth noting that KCAU 9 proudly sponsors this event, contributing to the community’s enjoyment and celebration.


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