Legacy Under Threat: Iconic Brooklyn Ice Cream Shop Faces Eviction

by Alice

Scoops Ice Cream Parlor, a cherished institution serving generations of Brooklynites, is in jeopardy of eviction.


Owner Tony Fongyit, 74, who has operated the shop in Prospect Lefferts Gardens since 1984, has until August 31 to vacate the storefront.

Despite paying rent on time under a month-to-month agreement since 2019, following the expiration of his lease, Fongyit faces eviction as the property’s developer, Jonas Equities, seeks possession of the space.

Efforts to save Scoops have rallied support from locals, with over 3,000 signatures collected in an online petition by grassroots organization Equality for Flatbush, urging the landlord to provide a multi-year lease.

Commercial tenants like Fongyit lack protections afforded to residential tenants under New York City laws, leaving them vulnerable in lease disputes.

Scoops, known for its vegan ice creams catering to the Ital diet, holds a special place in the community, particularly among those in the Little West India neighborhood.

As gentrification threatens local businesses, supporters like Shelley Worrell, founder of I Am Caribbeing, emphasize Scoops’ significance as a cultural cornerstone and advocate for preserving its place in the community amidst ongoing displacement challenges.


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