Melona Recipe Contest Awards $15,000 to Winners in Hawaii

by Alice

In 1992, Melona embarked on a mission to introduce the relatively unknown honeydew fruit to Korea through innovative ice cream flavors. Fast forward to December 9, 2023, and the company hosted an exclusive dessert contest in Hawaii, culminating in a thrilling final round at the Kapiolani Community College campus cafeteria in Honolulu.


The event saw the top three contestants walk away with a slice of the $15,000 prize pool, along with the first 100 entries securing a coveted banana milk cooler bag.

The winners in Hawaii showcased their culinary prowess:

Donovan Riopta clinched the top spot, securing a $10,000 prize for his Honey Dew Melona Basil Panna Cotta.

Angeline Stone claimed the 2nd Place, earning $3,000 with her tantalizing creation of the Honey Dew Melona Tart.

Securing the 3rd spot was Rick Komori, who received a $2,000 award for his innovative Honey Dew Melona Pan.

The contest not only celebrated inventive dessert-making but also highlighted the popularity and creativity behind incorporating honeydew into delectable recipes. These winners demonstrated exceptional skill in utilizing Melona’s unique flavor to craft delightful desserts, leaving a lasting impression on the taste buds of the judges and attendees alike.


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