Aldi Introduces Pigs in Blankets Ice Cream Following Christmas Contest Win

by Alice

Aldi, the renowned supermarket chain, has unveiled a novel dessert creation – Pigs in Blankets ice cream – following a successful bid by a dairy farm in a Christmas contract competition.


The Yorkshire-based Yorvale dairy farm showcased their winning flavor on the Channel 4 show ‘Aldi’s Christmas Secrets.’ Competing against several British suppliers, Yorvale’s savory-sweet ice cream, flavored with pork and salted smoked maple syrup, captivated Aldi UK’s Managing Director of Buying, Julie Ashfield, and Communications Director, Richard Thornton. Consequently, the product is set to hit shelves nationwide starting today.

Owners Ian and Lesley Buxton, elated by their triumph in securing their maiden Aldi listing, expressed their excitement about the “life-changing” contract. Their Pigs in Blankets ice cream, available in a 500ml tub priced at £2.49, is set to make its debut in stores.

Julie Ashfield, Aldi’s Managing Director of Buying, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “Yorvale and their Pigs in Blankets Ice Cream really excited us. It’s such a unique product that we can really see doing well at Aldi.”

Ian shared his excitement about their first Aldi contract, emphasizing how significant an order of 25,000 units is for them. He eagerly anticipated the possibility of people across the country enjoying Pigs in Blankets ice cream during the festive Christmas period, hoping it brings smiles to everyone’s faces.

“We knew it had to be unusual, so we set about looking at typical Christmas flavors that might work in ice cream,” Lesley explained. She detailed their experimentation with various flavor profiles, including Brussels Sprouts, bacon and chestnut, Port-soaked cranberries, blue cheese, blue cheese and smoky bacon, and even a Christmas spiced ‘Cuthbert’ the carrot cake. Eventually, they settled on Pigs in Blankets, considering it the most fitting and festive flavor among their experiments.

This innovative addition to Aldi’s offerings coincides with research findings from the discounter, indicating that UK households are anticipated to consume up to 423 million pigs in blankets on Christmas Day.


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