Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Falls Out of Flavor Favor

by Alice

Once a staple in ice cream parlors and supermarket freezers, chocolate chip ice cream is now facing a chilly reception from consumers. Matt Richtel, in his article for The New York Times, notes a significant shift in the ice cream industry away from this once-popular flavor, driven by evolving consumer preferences.


Despite its classic appeal to purists who appreciate the contrast between chocolate chunks and creamy vanilla, chocolate chip ice cream is losing ground to more adventurous flavors boasting eclectic ingredients and catchy names. Richtel’s observations reflect a sentiment shared by some consumers, with one eight-year-old remarking that chocolate chip ice cream is “not that good” and lamenting its lack of cookie inclusion.

Sales data corroborates this shift, with chocolate chip ice cream failing to make the top 10 list of popular flavors monitored by the International Dairy Foods Association. Vanilla reigns supreme as the top choice among consumers. Consequently, many ice cream manufacturers are scaling back production of chocolate chip, relegating it to specific markets, seasonal offerings, or discontinuation altogether.

In contrast, flavors like cookies and cream have gained traction, seemingly usurping chocolate chip’s position in the flavor hierarchy. From 2018 to 2022, while sales of chocolate chip ice cream dropped by 22 percent, cookie-based ice cream saw a notable 72 percent increase in sales.

Even prominent ice cream brands like Ben & Jerry’s are leaning more towards cookie dough flavors, relegating chocolate chip to limited offerings such as ice cream pies. While some supermarket brands like Breyers and regional brands like Perry’s and Blue Bell still offer chocolate chip variations, distribution constraints may limit availability.

However, chocolate chip ice cream’s decline is part of a broader trend of decreasing ice cream consumption. Concerns over health and a preference for lighter, less calorie-dense treats have contributed to a decline in overall ice cream consumption, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Whether chocolate chip ice cream can stage a comeback or continues its downward trajectory remains uncertain. For aficionados unwilling to bid farewell to this classic flavor, homemade options offer a nostalgic alternative amidst changing tastes in the frozen dessert landscape.


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