Mohali Gears Up for Polling Day Heat with Ice Creams, Chhabeels, and ORS Pouches

by Alice

As temperatures are expected to soar in the upcoming days, battling the heatwave poses a significant challenge for the administration in encouraging voter turnout. However, the administration in Mohali is pulling out all the stops to entice voters, offering complimentary ice creams at model polling booths and arranging chhabeels across all polling stations to provide relief from the scorching heat.


Deputy Commissioner Aashika Jain supervised a training session for polling staff on Sunday, emphasizing the necessity of addressing the potential hurdles posed by hot weather conditions.

“While the hot weather presents a formidable challenge, we must proactively plan to ensure proper shade and other amenities are available at polling booths,” stated Aashika Jain.

Speaking exclusively to The Indian Express, Jain revealed plans to distribute free ice creams to voters at model booths, with Verka and other ice cream vendors being approached for collaboration. Verka, a state-owned entity renowned for its dairy products, has been enlisted for this initiative.

“In addition to complimentary ice creams, chhabeels will be set up at all polling booths, and measures will be taken to prevent voters from queuing under the sun. Adequate arrangements for shade will be made,” added Jain.

Furthermore, Jain underscored the importance of providing essential provisions, including first aid kits and cold drinking water, at all polling booths. The polling staff underwent rigorous training sessions across multiple sites in Mohali, Kharar, and Derabassi, with Assistant Returning Officers instructed to prioritize heatwave management during polling day.

“As part of their training, polling staff has been equipped with strategies to address adverse weather conditions, including managing heat-related emergencies with the assistance of volunteers and health workers. Wet towels, drinking water, and ORS pouches will be readily available to aid any voter feeling unwell,” affirmed Jain.


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