Shoppers Flock to Discount Supermarket as Prices Plummet on Popular Chocolate Ice Cream Varieties

by Alice

As the anticipation for summer builds and warmer temperatures beckon, consumers are eager to fill their freezers with refreshing frozen treats. For those looking to indulge in their favorite chocolate ice creams without breaking the bank, a trip to Farmfoods might be in order.


Mars Ice Cream bars and the divisive Bounty are making a comeback in the frozen aisles, enticing bargain-hunters with slashed prices, albeit for a limited time.

From now until May 6, shoppers can snag a 12-pack of Mars ice creams for a wallet-friendly £5.75, while a six-pack of Bounty is available for just £2.99.

In comparison, Tesco’s offerings include a smaller four-pack of Mars ice cream bars, currently on a Clubcard offer for £2, down from the usual £2.75. Similarly, a box of four Bounty ice creams at Tesco is also on offer, priced at £2.50 instead of the standard £2.75.

Asda is another option for chocolate ice cream enthusiasts, offering both varieties in a four-pack for £2.50. Additionally, those with a penchant for Bounty can take advantage of a special deal, nabbing two boxes for a mere four pounds.

Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s prices both treats at £2.75, aligning with the standard rate observed in most major supermarkets.

Farmfoods stands out as the go-to destination for bulk buyers, offering jumbo-sized Mars packs, providing even greater value for money.

In light of these discounts, savvy consumers are reminded to shop around to secure the best deals. Websites such as Trolley and Price Spy facilitate price comparisons across various retailers, enabling shoppers to make informed purchasing decisions. Furthermore, Price Spy offers insights into an item’s price history, empowering consumers with valuable information.

For those seeking convenience, a quick search on Google Shopping/Product tab reveals current retail prices, aiding in the quest for savings on beloved frozen treats.


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