“New ‘Dreamy’ Angel Delight Ice Cream Sticks Hit Supermarket Shelves”

by Alice

Ice cream enthusiasts are in for a nostalgic treat with the launch of Angel Delight ice cream sticks, a delightful twist on the beloved custardy dessert. Available now at Morrisons, these ice cream treats come in two classic flavors: banana and butterscotch.


Inspired by the airy texture of the iconic 1967 dessert, the Angel Delight ice cream sticks are described by Morrisons as “fluffy, light, and mallowy ice cream dipped in a layer of delicious milk chocolate.”

The exciting news was shared in the Snacks to Try group on Facebook, sparking a wave of enthusiasm among fans. Sophie Carver expressed her excitement, exclaiming, “Omg I’m defo gonna need them banana ones,” while Kira Slaughter reminisced, “Love Angel Delight as a kid. Still do now. Gonna have to get these.”

A pack of three Angel Delight ice cream sticks is currently available online for £3.25, with both flavors on offer. However, customers eager to purchase them in physical stores may need to exercise patience as availability may vary.

For those seeking the best deals, it’s advised to check local store prices or visit

This latest dessert innovation follows the successful launch of Angel Delight soft-serve ice creams in supermarkets earlier this year. Priced between £3 and £3.50, these tubs are available in strawberry and butterscotch flavors at both Iceland and Morrisons.

And for those who prefer the classic Angel Delight experience, Sainsbury’s offers the iconic 90s childhood dessert for as little as 75p with a nectar card.

In other Morrisons-related news, the supermarket giant is extending its quiet hours policy to accommodate shoppers who may struggle with noise sensitivity. Quiet hours, originally implemented between 9am and 10am on Saturdays and the first hour of opening on Sundays, will now include 2pm to 3pm every Monday to Thursday. This initiative aims to create a more inclusive shopping environment, particularly for individuals diagnosed with autism.


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