“Full Tilt Ice Cream to Close in Seattle’s White Center Neighborhood Following Founder’s Passing”

by Alice

Seattle’s vibrant White Center neighborhood is bidding farewell to a beloved establishment as Full Tilt Ice Cream prepares to close its doors. The announcement came via a heartfelt Facebook post by Ann Magyar, the wife of the late founder, Justin Cline.


Tragically, Justin Cline, co-founder of Full Tilt Ice Cream, passed away after suffering a heart attack. His untimely death on March 2nd followed a brief hospitalization at Valley Medical Center in Renton, where he was admitted after a severe heart attack less than a month prior.

In a poignant message shared on Facebook, Magyar expressed her gratitude for the unwavering support and love the community has shown over the past 16 years. She reminisced on the cherished memories created at Full Tilt Ice Cream, acknowledging the profound impact it has had on her life and the lives of many others.

Since its inception in 2008, Full Tilt Ice Cream has been a beacon of community spirit, renowned for its lively ambiance featuring music, art, and games. It quickly became a beloved gathering spot for families and artists alike. However, with Justin’s passing, Ann felt it was time to bid farewell to Full Tilt as they knew it.

The closure will extend to Full Tilt Ice Cream’s wholesale operations, which will conclude at the end of April. The White Center location’s final day of operation is scheduled for May 26th.

While the Columbia City branch will remain open, it will no longer honor gift cards, coupons, or birthday party certificates from other locations.

Justin Cline’s legacy extends beyond his role as a co-founder of Full Tilt Ice Cream; he was also a passionate community advocate who played a pivotal role in the revitalization of the White Center business district.

Expressions of support and fond memories poured in from the community following Cline’s passing. A gofundme campaign was launched to support his family, quickly raising over $92,000—a testament to the profound impact Justin, his family, and Full Tilt Ice Cream had on the community.

As Full Tilt prepares to bid farewell, it leaves behind a legacy of joy, camaraderie, and delectable ice cream that will be fondly remembered by patrons and the community at large.

While the closure marks the end of an era, the memories and sense of community fostered by Full Tilt Ice Cream will endure in the hearts of all those who were touched by its warmth and hospitality.


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