Marco’s Ice Cream and Coffee Bar Returns to Spalding, Delighting Customers for Another Season

by Alice

SPALDING – As the warmer months beckon, customers eagerly embrace the return of a beloved local haunt, Marco’s Ice Cream Parlour and Coffee Bar, nestled on Red Lion Street in Spalding. After a hiatus during the winter season, the establishment has reopened its doors, much to the delight of its loyal patrons.


For years, Marco’s has held a special place in the hearts of Spalding residents, serving up delectable treats that evoke nostalgia and satisfy cravings. The anticipation surrounding its reopening was palpable, with customers expressing their excitement on social media platforms.

Elaine Robinson, the passionate proprietor of this independent business, has been at the helm since 2002, taking over from the esteemed Mario Fragale. Despite her own admission of not being a fervent ice cream aficionado, Robinson has poured her heart and soul into maintaining the legacy of Marco’s, which originally bore the moniker Domenics Fine Ices when it debuted in 1989.

Reflecting on her journey, Robinson shared, “It’s so nice to see that we are still here and thriving, thanks to our loyal customers. It’s all quite exciting. It’s a nice little business to run, and I thoroughly enjoy it. It’s the best move I made, and it’s so lovely to read all of the positive comments we have received as well.”

At Marco’s, patrons can indulge in an array of treats, from classic Mr Whippy flavors to Shmoo milkshakes and Jackalope Joe Coffee, complemented by a selection of hot and cold beverages. Despite being the sole staff member, Robinson navigates the bustling days with grace and enthusiasm, fueled by her unwavering passion for the business and the genuine connections forged with her customers.

With an eye on the future, Robinson remains committed to Marco’s enduring success, envisioning its continued presence for another 35 years, perhaps even passed down to future generations. Bolstered by a recent investment in a new Whippy ice cream machine, she eagerly awaits the Easter weekend, hopeful for a prosperous season ahead.

The opening hours for Marco’s are subject to weather conditions, but generally, the store welcomes visitors every day of the week from 10 am to 5 pm.

As Elaine Robinson returns to helm Marco’s, the local community celebrates the enduring spirit of this cherished establishment, eagerly anticipating the sweet moments and warm memories that lie ahead.


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