Dairy Queen’s Ice Cream Cupcake Sparks Social Media Frenzy

by Alice

The hush-hush isn’t holding up anymore when it comes to Dairy Queen’s clandestine menu items.


Internet aficionados are buzzing about a particular frozen delight at the chain, and it’s not the usual suspects like a limited-edition Blizzard or milkshake. Instead, it’s a miniaturized version of Dairy Queen’s cherished ice cream cakes.

Labeled as the “cupcake in a cup,” numerous videos showcasing this off-menu gem have gone viral, prompting fans to rush to their nearest DQ outlets and share their encounters online. TikTok user Matilda Patterson joined the chorus, unveiling her experience with the frozen confection. Within a week, her video garnered 13,000 likes, over 1,000 saves, and countless comments, even catching the attention of the Dairy Queen brand.

“I was intrigued to try this secret Dairy Queen item – the cupcake in a cup – and look how adorable it is,” Patterson remarked while showcasing the spring-inspired creation. “It’s like an off-menu item, and you have to request a cupcake in a cup, essentially an individual serving of their ice cream cake.”

Patterson went on to describe the treat as “phenomenal” and even returned for seconds, sharing her indulgence with her followers.

“We’re all about indulging ourselves,” quipped the official DQ account in response.

Some TikTok users expressed disbelief that Patterson and others were discovering the treat for the first time.

“This is wild! I thought everyone knew about these. I’ve been ordering them for 20 years!!” one incredulous commenter exclaimed.

According to another, their local DQ offers pre-made versions readily available in the freezer, dispelling any notion of secrecy.

Despite the enthusiasm, Dairy Queen clarified that not all of its locations can whip up the “secret” menu item, citing the independent nature of its restaurants. A company spokesperson advised fans to check with their local DQ outlets for availability and encouraged them to stay tuned to social channels for updates on flavor and product offerings.

Interestingly, the viral cupcake in a cup bears a striking resemblance to limited-time offerings from about five years ago, known as “Cupfections.” In 2019, Dairy Queen delighted patrons with two Cupfection varieties: the Brownie Oreo Cupfection and the Summer Berry Cake Cupfection. Although these items have since disappeared, given the soaring popularity of the DQ ice cream cupcake and the impending summer season, fans might just find themselves in luck if the chain decides to make this off-menu sensation a permanent fixture once again.


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