Gifford’s Ice Cream Stand Opens for the Season in Bangor

by Alice

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) – The arrival of spring heralds a sweeter season for ice cream lovers as Gifford’s Ice Cream Stand in Bangor swung open its doors for the year on Friday.


Rejoice, for all the beloved Gifford’s flavors have returned, proudly displayed on the menu board for eager patrons.

Excitingly, this season also brings forth seven new flavors, tantalizing taste buds with fresh options.

For those craving more than a mere scoop or two, the opportunity to take home larger quantities is now available. Staci Gifford, VP of Gifford’s Family Owned Ice Cream, expressed enthusiasm for the new offerings, highlighting the Gifford’s sampler, which allows customers to indulge in five new flavors simultaneously. Additionally, a new addition to the menu, the creamsicle float, is poised to delight customers this year.

“It’s good to have them back here because you know the main facility was using other ice creams, which were great but there is nothing like Gifford’s,” remarked Staci Gifford.

The Bangor location will serve patrons until 8:30 p.m. on Friday night, with similar hours anticipated throughout the season.

As the ice cream season unfurls, the Waterville stand is slated to open its doors next Friday at noon, while the Skowhegan location will follow suit on Friday, April 5.

Regrettably, the Gifford’s Farmington Stand is yet to announce an opening date, as they continue to address the aftermath of the December storm. However, patrons can still enjoy Gifford’s delights from their mobile scoop shack in the interim.


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