Gold by Ice Cream Works, the latest dessert haven, officially opens in Bandra

by Alice

Bandra, Mumbai – Gold by Ice Cream Works, the newest dessert destination, has officially opened its doors in Bandra, beckoning patrons to immerse themselves in a groundbreaking ice cream experience. Conceived by culinary visionaries Sanjiv and Alisha Chona, Gold by Ice Cream Works pledges to revolutionize conventional notions of ice cream consumption and establish a fresh benchmark within the industry.


Fueled by a shared ardor for elevating the ice cream encounter, Sanjiv and Alisha embarked on a quest to craft a brand that transcends the ordinary. Gold by Ice Cream Works introduces an enticing amalgamation of flavors, craftsmanship, and presentation, with the aim of captivating all the senses. From sourcing premium ingredients globally to innovatively crafting ice cream in forms like donuts, cupcakes, and Japanese snow desserts, the brand is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of traditional ice cream offerings.

Positioning itself as an Indian brand with global aspirations, Gold by Ice Cream Works aspires to compete with industry giants such as Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s. Setting itself apart, the brand offers a range of sugar-free ice creams, frappes, and desserts, an achievement unmatched by its counterparts. The focus lies in delivering top-tier, handcrafted ice creams at a more accessible price point, proudly crafted in India.

Gold by Ice Cream Works boasts an eclectic menu influenced by culinary traditions from around the world. From the luscious flavors of Italian gelato to the vibrant essence of traditional Indian sweets like Kaju Katli, the brand takes customers on a transcultural ice cream odyssey. The artistic presentation, featuring Murano glasses imported from Italy and a bespoke scent crafted exclusively for the store, ensures a multisensory experience for patrons.

In its unwavering commitment to innovation, Gold by Ice Cream Works unveils a range of exclusive and limited-edition flavors. Continuously exploring novel combinations and drawing inspiration from seasonal fruits, the brand plans to introduce exciting additions to its coffee drinks menu. The emphasis on crafting distinctive and diverse offerings extends beyond ice creams to an extensive drinks menu, featuring 100% Arabica coffee sourced from the northern hills of India.

The brand’s dedication to luxury is palpable in its packaging, with retail tubs adorned with opulent gold foiling – a pioneering move in the industry. Embracing environmentally conscious practices, Gold by Ice Cream Works utilizes glass jars for takeaway sundaes and endeavors to strike a balance between premium presentation and sustainable choices.

For Alisha, ice cream is a family affair. With a storied legacy that traces back to Cream Centre in the 1950s, Alisha and Sanjiv have continually pushed the boundaries of ice cream innovation. Gold by Ice Cream Works represents the culmination of decades of experience, passion, and a commitment to offering customers a premium, yet accessible, ice cream experience.

Alisha brings a wealth of expertise to Gold by Ice Cream Works, having played a pivotal role in the rebranding and expansion of Cream Centre. With a decade-long journey at the helm of Ice Cream Works and extensive experience in brand expansion, Alisha is poised to spearhead Gold by Ice Cream Works into uncharted territories.

The creation of Gold by Ice Cream Works was a labor of love spanning two and a half years. Every aspect, from the store’s design to the selection of Murano glasses and gold-foiled tubs, was meticulously curated to cultivate an ambiance resonating with warmth, luxury, and whimsy. The store features a kinetic energy art sculpture, serving as an homage to tranquility and the sensation of returning home.

Gold by Ice Cream Works transcends being merely an ice cream café; it is a celebration of flavors, textures, and experiences. As the brand unveils its golden doors to the public, it extends an invitation to everyone to step into a realm where ice cream transcends mere indulgence, becoming a symphony of opulence, artistry, and innovation.


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