Scoop Street in New Braunfels celebrates 7 years of culinary excellence

by Alice

New Braunfels, Texas – In the heart of downtown New Braunfels, amidst its picturesque architectural marvels and vibrant history, Scoop Street stands out as a beacon of culinary creativity, marking its seventh anniversary with a commitment to redefine the ice cream experience.


Founded by husband and wife duo, Peter and Ashley Landerman, Scoop Street has evolved into a destination where patrons step into a whimsical realm, enveloped by vibrant hues and eclectic tunes. “We made the inside to be a portal, like a special place,” Peter Landerman shared with MySA. “If you walk in off the street, you just enter this different world and there is ice cream and we are playing cool music. It’s bright and funky and you forget about everything outside.”

With deep-rooted connections to the culinary world, the Landermans embarked on their Scoop Street journey in 2017, seizing an opportunity to lease a former gelato storefront. Initially venturing into gelato craftsmanship, the duo swiftly pivoted towards traditional American ice cream, driven by community feedback and a steadfast commitment to quality. “Screw making money, I just want to make the best ice cream I can,” Peter Landerman affirmed.

Presently, Scoop Street sets itself apart by crafting ice creams with a lavish 18% milk fat content, surpassing the industry standard. From signature flavors like Lucky Charm and Pistachio Cherry to classic favorites such as vanilla and cookies and cream, the menu caters to diverse palates, served in waffle cones or specialty cones priced between $1 and $2. A single scoop retails at $4, with additional scoops priced at $2 each, while pints are available for $12.

Beyond ice cream, Scoop Street elevates the experience with coffee specialties and alcoholic beverages, including the tantalizing “scoopachino” and sorbet mimosa. “We believe in good food,” Peter Landerman emphasized. “We always source ingredients for everything we produce. We always try to put our best foot forward and do the best thing we can get, do, or make.”

As the business embarks on its seventh year, Scoop Street remains rooted in its core values, prioritizing culinary artistry over commercial gains. With plans to introduce innovative flavors like magic brownie ice cream and chocolate chip cookie dough, alongside a new nut milk-based option for vegan and gluten-free patrons, the Landermans are poised to continue delighting customers with their creative confections.

Scoop Street welcomes patrons from 3 to 9 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and from noon to 9 p.m., Friday through Sunday. During the scorching summer months, between the end of May and August, the shop extends its hours from noon to 9 p.m. daily, ensuring everyone can indulge in their delectable treats.


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