Woolworths Introduces Tempting Donut-Shaped Ice Cream Delights for $6 Each

by Alice

Woolworths has unveiled an enticing new addition to its frozen dessert lineup, hitting the freezer aisle shelves today.


The Ice Cream Donut Delight, crafted by the supermarket giant’s ice cream team, seeks to blend the beloved shape of donuts with the chilly indulgence of ice cream.

Coated in luscious white chocolate and adorned with delightful sprinkles, these novel donut-shaped ice creams are available in either strawberry or vanilla flavors.

Charlotte Murray, Woolworths Product Developer for Freezer, shared insights into the new release, stating, “As we head into the colder months, ice cream sales don’t cool off.”

“Australians’ love affair with the sweet treat continues all year round, and we expect to sell a quarter of a million ice cream multi-packs and tubs every day over the autumn to winter months, so this new range has arrived just in time.”

Murray further emphasized Woolworths’ commitment to crafting innovative products in this space, expressing confidence in the customer’s reception of this latest addition.

Despite a surge in sales during the summer months, Woolworths consistently moves around 110 million tubs and multi-packs annually, indicating their popularity among customers throughout the year.

Available nationwide from March 4th, the Ice Cream Donut Delights, offered in packs of four, are priced at $6 each, both in-store and online.

In addition to this novelty, Woolworths boasts its own range of ice cream products, including their premium indulgent line that debuted in November, swiftly becoming a customer favorite.

At Woolworths, multi-packs reign supreme over tubs, with offerings ranging from classic vanilla cones to indulgent ice cream cookies and cream sandwiches.

Anticipate a swift sell-out of these delectable donut-shaped ice creams, as they are expected to be in high demand.


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