Jersey Junction Ice Cream in East Grand Rapids Welcomes Spring with Early Opening

by Alice

EAST GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — While spring is still three weeks away, Jersey Junction in East Grand Rapids is already diving into the season by opening its doors ahead of schedule.


After a four-month closure, owner Katie Nugent is thrilled that opening day has arrived.

“We actually do really well in the spring because so many people are eager for summer to begin, even this early,” Nugent remarked.

For over six decades, this beloved ice cream parlor has been delighting patrons with its frozen treats in Gaslight Village.

“So, being here and preparing the store, stocking all the ice cream— it’s exciting. It’s fun because the employees are thrilled to be back. And the community is buzzing; they all eagerly count down to this day.”

In anticipation of the opening, the staff has spent the past few days preparing the store, knowing that many customers eagerly anticipate getting their hands on their favorite cones.

“We are so excited; we have been waiting four months now, so we have been counting down the days until we can get our favorite ice cream from our favorite spot,” shared customer Julie Falther.

Christionna McCoy, another customer, expressed her excitement after missing out last year. “It’s so good,” she says. “I have been craving ice cream all winter long. I came here the day after they closed, and I was so disappointed, but now I finally got it so I’m happy.”

Nugent notes the return of many familiar faces each year.

“It’s about embracing the history and carrying on the legacy, being a cherished staple in the community that everyone loves, offering 32-plus flavors and as much candy as you can dream of. It can’t bring anything but happiness.”

For those with a sweet tooth, Jersey Junction is now open daily for the season, ready to serve up their delightful treats.


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