Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream Seizes Success with Exceptional Franchise Support

by Alice

Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream stands as a beacon of franchise success, boasting 115 thriving locations across 11 states and ambitious plans to expand with an additional 30 establishments by the close of 2023.


The renowned premium ice cream brand has charted an impressive trajectory for growth, underpinned by a robust franchise blueprint dedicated to ensuring sustained prosperity.

Jody Nerone, Vice President of Franchise Development at Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream, articulates the brand’s outlook, stating, “The possibilities are limitless. We are inviting individuals who share our vision to join our organization and bring the world’s finest ice cream to their communities. With proven recipes, steadfast procedures, unwavering commitment to top quality, and a dedication to offering an exceptional customer experience, our potential for growth is unparalleled.”

Supporting Franchise Excellence

Established in 1945, Handel’s has been serving freshly made, small-batch ice cream daily. Each location is equipped with proprietary techniques, ingredients, and specialized equipment unique to the brand. Handel’s enduring motto, “We Never Skimp,” extends to its unparalleled support system for franchise owners.

The following highlights Handel’s commitment to empowering franchisees from the outset:

Prime Site Selection: Leveraging decades of experience, Handel’s aids franchisees in identifying optimal locations, guided by a real estate director with over 25 years of industry expertise.

Design and Construction: The corporate team offers hands-on assistance in store layout and design to encapsulate the inviting, nostalgic ambiance that fosters customer loyalty. From initial concepts to construction completion, franchisees receive comprehensive support at every stage.

Distribution: Ensuring consistency across all locations, Handel’s has perfected its distribution system to guarantee the use of high-quality ingredients in all its delectable offerings.

Comprehensive Training: A rigorous 10-day training program at the corporate headquarters covers all facets of operating a Handel’s scoop shop, including inventory management, staff training, and a detailed marketing plan for grand openings. Franchisees further benefit from on-site assistance during store launches and continual support from a dedicated Franchise Business Consultant.

Financing Options: Partnering with ApplePie Capital, Handel’s facilitates entrepreneurs in securing capital for new units, remodels, acquisitions, debt refinancing, and collateral-free funding.

Looking Ahead

Beyond being a lucrative business opportunity, owning a Handel’s franchise embodies shared values of family, tradition, and community. The brand seeks expansion alongside franchisees who align with these core principles.

Nerone affirms, “It’s a deeply gratifying business because patrons choose Handel’s. We operate as a family-serving families, with our franchisees actively involving their families at various levels. Rather than opening doors to mere investors, we seek prospective franchisees who embody our brand ethos and actively engage as genuine partners in the business.”

Handel’s sets its sights on continued growth, targeting the Southeast and exploring new markets, including Houston, Raleigh-Durham, Atlanta, and Chicago.


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