“Maryland’s Best Launches 2024 Ice Cream Trail with Exciting Updates”

by Alice

Maryland’s agricultural landscape is buzzing with excitement as the Maryland Department of Agriculture’s Maryland’s Best program unveils the latest iteration of its highly anticipated Ice Cream Trail for 2024. With fresh additions to the trail, enticing prizes for participants, and, of course, delectable ice cream, the trail promises a memorable journey for all.


Now in its twelfth year, the Ice Cream Trail aims to spotlight Maryland’s vibrant dairy industry while captivating participants from across the state and beyond. Secretary Kevin Atticks of the Maryland Department of Agriculture, alongside Maryland’s Best program team members, marked the launch of this year’s trail with a celebratory event at Prigel Family Creamery in Baltimore County.

Secretary Atticks expressed enthusiasm for the trail’s return, highlighting the economic significance of on-farm creameries and the delightful experience they offer. The 2024 Ice Cream Trail showcases twelve such creameries scattered across Maryland, spanning over 145 miles from Washington County to Kent County. Through this immersive journey, participants are encouraged to discover the intricacies of dairy farming while savoring farm-fresh ice cream.

This year, trailblazers are invited to capture their adventures with a photo or selfie at each of the twelve participating creameries and share them via email or social media. Weekly winners stand a chance to receive a limited edition ice cream cone squishy, adding an extra layer of excitement to the trail.

Moreover, in partnership with the Department of Natural Resources, the Maryland Department of Agriculture has integrated nearby hiking trails at each creamery location. Participants are encouraged to explore Maryland’s scenic landscapes before or after indulging in their ice cream delights. Posting additional hike photos on social media earns participants extra entries to win the coveted ice cream squishy.

Secretary Josh Kurtz of the Department of Natural Resources underscores the opportunity to relish Maryland’s natural beauty while enjoying farm-fresh treats, enhancing the overall trail experience.

The 2024 Ice Cream Trail boasts an impressive lineup of on-farm creameries, including Prigel Family Creamery, Deliteful Dairy, and South Mountain Creamery, among others. Completion of the trail entitles participants to a “2024 Maryland’s Best Ice Cream Trailblazer” certificate, with a chance to win enticing prizes such as a $50 gift certificate, a children’s book, and the prestigious Ice Cream Champion Trailblazer trophy.

The trail officially commenced on May 23 and will continue its journey through September 5, promising a summer filled with creamy delights and unforgettable experiences. For more details, visit Maryland’s Best website.


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