AWG Brands Expands Ice Cream Offerings to Meet Consumer Demands

by Alice

Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc. (AWG) is enhancing its private label line, AWG Brands, with the introduction of an array of new ice cream options, available in various flavors and sizes. AWG’s recent analysis of the ice cream category revealed that private brands command the top spot in total U.S. dollar share, capturing nearly 20% of the $16.9 billion market. Leveraging insights from its proprietary data-sharing platform, the AWG Partner Gateway, the company has revamped its AWG Brands ice cream portfolio.


Tye Anthony, AWG’s Chief Merchandising and Marketing Officer, noted, “Year-over-year growth of private label ice cream surpasses that of the overall category. In response, our teams have meticulously curated a diverse selection of ice cream offerings to cater to the varied preferences of our member retailers’ customer base.”

Consumer preference for indulgent treats remains a driving force, with half of respondents indicating a continued willingness to indulge despite economic inflation. In alignment with these trends, AWG Brands is rolling out an enhanced ice cream line under the Best Choice Superior Selections brand. This premium offering boasts twelve flavors infused with mix-ins and a higher butter fat content, promising a decadent ice cream experience. Available in both 48-ounce containers and pint sizes, these products aim to appeal to discerning consumers seeking quality and affordability.

Brady Manning, AWG’s Director of Category Management, emphasized, “Indulgence is a key driver of innovation. By offering unique flavors with elevated quality, we aim to set our products apart in member retailers’ stores and foster customer loyalty.”

Additionally, AWG Brands has refined its existing ice cream lines, Always Save and Best Choice, to better align with consumer expectations. Always Save, recognized for its affordability and recently marking its 40th anniversary, now features ice cream squares and pails in essential flavors, providing cost-effective options for consumers. Meanwhile, Best Choice products have undergone reformulation and flavor rationalization to ensure parity with national brand equivalents.

Ice cream novelties remain a significant contributor to category growth, constituting nearly half of total ice cream sales. AWG Brands is responding by offering 17 ice cream novelty SKUs, with strategic adjustments to sizing within the Best Choice assortment to match national brand offerings.

The expanded AWG Brands ice cream range will commence distribution to stores this month and will be exclusively available on AWG member retailer shelves, catering to the evolving tastes and preferences of consumers nationwide.


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