Lake Balaton’s Finest Ice Cream Delights Palates with Unique Flavors

by Alice

For the 11th consecutive year, Lake Balaton has crowned its best ice cream, with Promenád Kávéház from Balatongyörök emerging victorious with their creation, “Balaton Mámor” (“Balaton Intoxication”).


Crafted by head pastry chef Jenő Vadócz, the Balaton Mámor boasts a walnut ice cream base adorned with caramelized red wine fig sauce and topped with caramelized walnut sprinkles, a true culinary masterpiece as described by Promenád Kávéház on their Facebook page.

The competition, organized by the tourism information center Nyitott Balaton, saw confectioners from the region vying for the prestigious title until May 6, with the winners announced on May 10 in Siófok. Alongside the main prize, special recognition was also awarded to standout entries.

Among this year’s special prize winners were:

“Spicy Summer Evening” by Bagaméri Fagylaltozó

“Pesto Ricotta with Juicy Figs” by Füge Fagyiudvar és Kávézó

“Fantastic Lake Balaton” by Pingvin Fagyizó & Cukrászda

With more than 20 ice cream entries from 13 confectioners and parlors, the competition was fierce. Renáta Somogyi, a member of the Hungarian team that secured bronze at the 2024 Gelato World Cup and the ice cream master of Bringatanya, Somogyi Fagylaltműhely in Gyenesdiás, joined the jury panel, alongside esteemed professionals from various sectors of the industry.

As Lake Balaton continues to attract visitors seeking both natural beauty and culinary delights, these unique ice cream creations add another layer of enjoyment to the experience, showcasing the region’s rich gastronomic diversity.


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