Wall’s Introduces Solar-Powered Price Boards to Combat Power Cuts in Pakistan

by Alice

In a landmark move after a century-long legacy, Wall’s, renowned for its iconic ice cream, has revolutionized its traditional price boards into a cutting-edge solution to navigate through power cuts in Pakistan.


As part of Wall’s Pakistan’s enduring commitment to spearheading green energy initiatives, the company has unveiled the Solar Priceboard, an innovative concept that harnesses sunlight to generate usable energy.

Pakistan grapples with soaring energy costs and the highest frequency of power outages globally. Recognizing the impact of these challenges on its operations and partners, including ice cream shop owners, Wall’s Pakistan has embarked on a mission to integrate renewable energy solutions across its ecosystem.

While Unilever Pakistan has already embarked on green energy initiatives within its ice cream factories, distribution centers, and mobile ice cream trikes, the issue of power cuts poses a significant threat to the consistent quality of Wall’s Ice Creams. In response, the brand has devised the Solar Priceboard, replacing traditional cardboard price boards with solar panels that capture sunlight for over 12 hours daily.

During instances of power cuts, the Solar Priceboard’s internal battery seamlessly activates, ensuring uninterrupted power supply to freezers and preventing ice creams from melting. This innovative solution not only safeguards the businesses of shop owners but also ensures that consumers can enjoy their favorite ice creams without compromise.

Tomas Ostiglia, executive creative director of LOLA MullenLowe, expressed enthusiasm for the transformative potential of this initiative, stating, “Creativity can solve real business problems.”

Mert Turgut, Director of Wall’s Ice Cream Pakistan, emphasized the brand’s commitment to spreading happiness and overcoming energy challenges through investment and innovation. Starting with initiatives implemented in 2021 at manufacturing facilities and distribution centers, Wall’s aims to progressively reduce energy dependency, benefiting communities across Pakistan.

Barbara Scala, Wall’s Ice Cream Global Brand Director, highlighted the Solar Priceboard’s role as a beacon of innovation and sustainability, driving awareness about the disruptions caused by power cuts while inviting consumers to indulge in their favorite treats without interruption.

Currently in the prototype phase, the Solar Priceboards underscore Wall’s global commitment to environmental stewardship. These boards will soon complement existing solar energy initiatives deployed in cabinets, kiosks, and ice cream carts at various sales points, including beaches and parks.

Wall’s invites consumers to learn more about Unilever Pakistan’s green energy initiatives and its dedication to environmental sustainability.


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