Discover Japanese Taiyaki Ice Cream in Hyderabad

by Alice

Hyderabad has recently welcomed a delightful addition to its culinary landscape: Tai Tai Creamery, located in Jubilee Hills on Road no. 45, is introducing the city to the wonders of Japanese Taiyaki ice cream for the very first time.


But what exactly sets Taiyaki ice cream apart from the traditional cones we’re accustomed to? It’s not just about scooping a flavored ice cream into a cone here. Tai Tai offers a unique twist: a crispy yet fluffy waffle shaped like a fish, bursting with an array of flavors and crowned with velvety soft-serve ice cream.

Founder Sindhu Sriramoju explains, “We serve Ah boongs at Tai Tai, which are open-faced fish-shaped waffles filled with fun flavors and topped with our premium soft serve. Our waffles strike the perfect balance, dense and crispy on the outside, yet soft within. We’ve tailored the Korean concept of Ah Boongs to suit the Indian palate, crafting a recipe that’s 100 percent vegetarian.”

Since its grand opening earlier this month, this 300-square-foot establishment has quickly become a hotspot for dessert enthusiasts in the city, drawn to its innovative treats. With a vibrant ambiance adorned with its distinctive logo, Tai Tai Creamery is easily recognizable.

Sindhu shares, “We weren’t sure if our desserts would be well-received by the crowd since it is an Asian-inspired dessert. However, the response has been overwhelming and we have been selling out every day. We couldn’t be more grateful.”

Tai Tai offers three different styles and six soft-serve flavors, including unique options like cereal milk. From the classic ‘tai swirl’ to ‘tai-in-a-cup’ and ‘just a swirl’, there’s something to suit every taste.

As for the soft serve flavors, they include chocolate, cereal milk, matcha, vanilla, and two combination flavors: chocolate and cereal milk, and matcha and vanilla.

In terms of pricing, Tai Tai remains accessible to all, with options like the ‘just a swirl’ priced at Rs 180, while the ‘tai swirl’ and ‘tai-in-a-cup’ are available for Rs 295.

In addition to offering innovative treats, Tai Tai has embraced the digital age by operating as a fully digital store and not accepting cash.


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