That’s a heartwarming story of a local institution, Harrigan’s Soft Ice Cream, celebrating its 65th year in business.

by Alice

Harrigan’s Soft Ice Cream, located in West Plattsburgh, recently celebrated its 65th consecutive year of operation.


Established in 1959 by Barbara and Francis Harrigan, the ice cream stand began as a Tastee-Freez stand before becoming Harrigan’s Soft Ice Cream ten years later.

Andrea Ray and Kris Wiley, the current owners, have maintained the traditions and legacy of the business for the past four years.

Despite being open for only five months during the spring and summer seasons, Harrigan’s remains a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike.

Wayne Sorrell, a patron for 60 years, views Harrigan’s as more than just an ice cream stand; it’s a cherished tradition and part of his extended family.

The shop received a Supervisor’s Citation from the Town of Plattsburgh, recognizing its enduring success and contribution to the local community.

Owners Kris Wiley and Andrea Ray express gratitude for their role in preserving this local gem and look forward to continuing its legacy for generations to come.

To mark the milestone, Harrigan’s invites patrons to share their experiences by submitting photos, which will be compiled into a collage displayed outside the shop, celebrating the shared memories of Harrigan’s Soft Ice Cream.

It’s a testament to the enduring appeal of small businesses and the sense of community they foster.


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