Somerset Ice Cream Company to Relocate, Generating 56 Jobs

by Alice

Styles Ice Cream, a prominent Somerset-based ice cream company, is poised to embark on a relocation endeavor following the approval of plans by Somerset Council.


The company, currently situated at Styles Farm near Minehead, will transition to the Wibble Farm Nurseries site along the A39. In a significant move, Styles Ice Cream has acquired the entire site for its operations.

The relocation initiative is anticipated to yield approximately 56 jobs, with the majority being part-time positions, at the former nursery site.

Rosemary Woods, a Somerset Council member, expressed optimism about the move, emphasizing the favorable location and its potential to boost employment opportunities in the area.

Having operated from Styles Farm since 1988, Styles Ice Cream aims to expand its operations through this relocation, according to reports from the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

With the green light from Somerset Council on plans proposed in early January, the relocation process is expected to commence within weeks.

The approved plans outline the implementation of renewable energy practices, including the installation of solar panels on-site. Additionally, new office spaces will be established alongside upgraded storage and processing facilities.

Endorsed by both Williton and West Quantoxhead parish councils and sanctioned through the delegated powers of the council’s planning officers, the relocation project is seen as a positive development for the region.

A spokesperson from the council’s economic development team highlighted the historical commercial utilization of the Wibble Farm site. They emphasized the significance of the application in safeguarding employment opportunities, particularly in areas where such prospects are relatively scarce.

Furthermore, the proposed solar panel installation is anticipated to reduce dependency on external energy sources, thereby enhancing the long-term sustainability of the business.


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