Northwest Fresno opens new ice cream shop

by Alice

Fresno, California – Residents of northwest Fresno have a new destination to satisfy their sweet cravings as Scoops, located at Bullard and West, opens its doors to ice cream enthusiasts.


Offering a tantalizing selection of 28 flavors, including four monthly rotations, Scoops promises a delightful experience for every taste preference.

Owner Karan Gill emphasizes that Scoops aims to offer more than just ice cream; it’s an immersive experience designed to uplift spirits from the moment customers step inside. The ambiance, accentuated by carefully curated music, lighting, and vibrant photo walls, sets the stage for a memorable visit.

The journey to establish Scoops wasn’t without its challenges, with extensive renovations required to transform the space from its previous identity as a Baskin Robbins. Despite moments of doubt, Gill persevered, driven by his vision to create something special for the community.

Recognizing the importance of seizing opportunities, Gill embraced the entrepreneurial spirit, acknowledging that readiness often comes from taking the leap into the unknown.

Beyond traditional scoops, Scoops offers a range of treats, including root beer floats, scoo-pups for furry companions, and homemade cookies to complement the diverse ice cream flavors.

For those seeking to enjoy their treats al fresco, Scoops is expanding its outdoor seating options, complete with shaded covers, ambient lighting, and an outdoor ice cream bar. Gill envisions creating a vibrant social hub, with plans for live entertainment and DJ sets to enhance the experience.

Looking ahead, Gill is already contemplating menu innovations to cater to customers during the cooler winter months, ensuring that Scoops remains a year-round destination for indulgence and community connection.


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