Lake Effect Ice Cream Introduces Wine-Inspired Flavors in Collaboration with Local Wineries

by Alice

Lockport, N.Y. – Indulge your love for both wine and ice cream with Lake Effect Ice Cream’s latest enticing offerings. Renowned for their innovative flavors, the Lockport-based specialty ice cream purveyors have unveiled an exciting collaboration with select Niagara County wineries to craft wine-inspired creations.


In a recent Facebook announcement, Lake Effect revealed their plans to revive their wine ice cream experimentation, presenting four tantalizing new flavors infused with wines sourced from esteemed local vineyards. “We have decided to revive our wine ice cream experimentation and have designed FOUR brand new wine ice creams, using wines from different local vineyards for our new creations,” shared Lake Effect in the social media post.

Partnering with wineries along the esteemed Niagara Wine Trail, Lake Effect Ice Cream is set to work with the following esteemed establishments:

Leonard Oakes Estate Winery

Vizcarra Vineyards

Bella Rose Winery

Schulze Vineyards

The initial flavors announced in this exciting collaboration include Leonard Oakes Riesling Pear and Biscoff Crunch, as well as Schulze Vineyards Ruby Cherry Cheesecake, with additional flavors slated for announcement in the days to come.

For eager patrons eager to savor these unique concoctions, pre-orders are now available for pickup at Lake Effect’s Hertel Avenue and Lockport locations. Simply visit the provided link to secure your order and indulge in the delicious fusion of wine and ice cream.

Lake Effect Ice Cream continues to push the boundaries of flavor innovation, delighting customers with their imaginative creations. Embrace the opportunity to experience the perfect marriage of wine and ice cream with these exclusive offerings from Lake Effect Ice Cream and Niagara County’s finest wineries.


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