“Ice Cream Venture Won’t Distract Leclerc, Despite Formula 1 Challenges”

by Alice

Recent speculations hinted at Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc’s desire to open an ice-cream parlor in his hometown of Monaco, but what began as a mere rumor has now turned into a tangible reality.


Teaming up with Italian gelato company Grom and his manager Nicolas Todt, Leclerc is set to launch his very own low-calorie ice cream brand, aptly named ‘LEC’.

While Leclerc initially entertained the idea of a shop in Monte Carlo, he found himself contemplating grander schemes upon meeting Federico Grom, courtesy of mutual connections.

Reflecting on his plans, Leclerc admitted, “I initially had the idea of opening a shop in Monte Carlo, but then I met Federico Grom thanks to some mutual acquaintances, and we thought about doing things much bigger than that.”

This initiative mirrors Lewis Hamilton’s recent endeavor with the launch of Almave, a non-alcoholic blue agave spirit, underscoring the trend of Formula 1 drivers venturing into entrepreneurial pursuits.

Discussing their respective projects, Leclerc remarked, “We were talking about it recently. He has this new Almave project of his, which is very nice because he has developed a new drink while I have ice cream.”

He humorously added, “So for sure, when he arrives at Ferrari, we will celebrate with my ice cream and his drink.”

While Leclerc is already brainstorming new flavors for 2025, his immediate goal is to expand into French supermarkets by year-end, alongside his aspirations for further growth in the future.

Commenting on their future plans, Grom mentioned, “We haven’t thought yet about real ice-cream shops like the one Charles wanted to open, but in the future, who knows?”

However, amidst Leclerc’s commercial endeavors, the timing seems slightly awkward as he grapples with the challenges of keeping pace with his departing Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz.

Addressing concerns about potential distractions, Leclerc affirmed, “I never would have dived into this project alone because I don’t have much time available. 99 percent of my life is Formula 1, and my priority is to be the best Formula 1 driver. I dedicate everything I have to F1.”

When questioned about Fernando Alonso’s decision to prolong his Formula 1 career, Leclerc dismissed the notion of following suit, expressing his desire to explore other ventures, such as Le Mans, by the time he reaches 42.

In the whirlwind of Formula 1 dynamics, Leclerc remains resolute in his commitment to excellence, balancing his racing aspirations with his entrepreneurial ambitions.


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