North Olmsted ice cream thief caught on camera

by Alice

Authorities in North Olmsted, Ohio, are on the trail of an ice cream thief caught red-handed pilfering a bucket of cookie dough ice cream from a local business.


Surveillance footage from the incident depicts a pickup truck parked with several buckets of ice cream in its bed, when suddenly another truck pulls up behind it. A passenger disembarks from the second vehicle and swiftly absconds with one of the ice cream buckets before making a hasty retreat.

The targeted establishment, Bruster’s Real Ice Cream, was left dismayed by the brazen theft. Owner Tiger Najjar expressed disbelief at the audacity of the act, noting the inherent joy that ice cream brings and lamenting the unexpected intrusion of criminal activity.

According to Najjar, the perpetrators had initially been customers, having purchased ice cream from the shop moments before the theft occurred. Their abrupt shift from patrons to thieves left Najjar and his team stunned and disheartened.

Adding a layer of disappointment was the presence of an individual wearing an Army uniform among the culprits. While he wasn’t directly involved in the theft, Najjar underscored the sense of betrayal, suggesting that as a member of the military, the individual should have upheld a higher standard of conduct.

The stolen cookie dough bucket held a value of $500 and was intended to serve a substantial number of customers. Najjar highlighted the investment of time and effort that goes into crafting their ice cream, making the theft not only financially damaging but emotionally distressing.

Despite the setback, Najjar and his team remained resilient, prepared with an additional bucket of cookie dough ice cream for the event in question.

Authorities urge anyone with information regarding the incident to come forward and assist in the investigation, seeking to bring the ice cream thief to justice and restore a sense of security to the community.


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