Breyers Ice Cream Launches New Campaign Celebrating Simple Ingredients and Everyday Moments

by Alice

In a nod to the cherished moments that define our lives, Breyers, the venerable ice cream brand with a legacy spanning 150 years, has unveiled its latest campaign in collaboration with its agency of record, VML. Centered on the concept of simple ingredients, the campaign exalts the essence of special, everyday occasions shared among friends and families.


One of the inaugural films, titled ‘Fireflies,’ captures the magic of a mother and child bonding over a late-night encounter with fireflies. Drawing a parallel between life’s moments and the ingredients found in Breyers All-Natural Vanilla, the campaign emphasizes the beauty of simplicity.

The narrative unfolds with poignant simplicity:

Family. Fireflies. Up past nine.

Vanilla. Milk. Cream.

Highlighting the campaign’s ethos, the message underscores that life’s greatest pleasures often stem from the most basic elements.

Shane Kolpon, associate director for Breyers, remarked, “For 150 years, Breyers has reminded us where genuine joy comes from. Our new campaign reminds us of the simple recipe for happy memories are in the small moments. It’s a good parallel to the short list of high-quality ingredients found in our ice cream.”

Expanding its thematic scope, the campaign also encompasses the Breyers CarbSmart line with the vignette ‘Reunion.’ Here, the narrative revolves around the camaraderie of three friends reminiscing beside an old truck, illustrating the power of connection and shared experiences.

Class Clowns. Old Truck. More Memories.

Less sugar. Fewer net carbs. Fewer calories.

In both instances, the campaign underscores the belief that life’s finest pleasures are crafted from just the right ingredients, echoing the brand’s commitment to quality and simplicity.

Better starts with Breyers.


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