Jeni’s Unveils ‘Punk Stargonaut’ Ice Cream Collection in Anticipation of Solar Eclipse

by Alice

With the highly anticipated solar eclipse just days away, a beloved Midwest ice cream company has introduced a special lineup of flavors to commemorate the historic event.


Dubbed the “Punk Stargonaut” collection, this new offering includes four distinct flavors accompanied by an innovative ice cream topping known as “Space Dust,” described as “evaporating with a crackling pop.”

The four celestial-inspired flavors are as follows: “Supermoon,” “Nebula Berry,” “Purple Star Born,” and “Cosmic Bloom.”

“Supermoon,” crafted from the essence of “moon dust that glitters in the sky during a harvest supermoon,” boasts a unique blend of candied violet and marshmallow flavors reminiscent of cereal milk.

“Nebula Berry,” described as “wild and untamed,” is depicted as a radiant hot pink fruit with a bright blue center, offering a delightful combination of blueberry, raspberry, and elderflower notes.

“Purple Star Born,” purportedly discovered in a bioluminescent bay of a meteor, transforms into a deep violet hue in sunlight, delivering a tantalizing fusion of Concord grape and blackcurrant flavors.

Meanwhile, “Cosmic Bloom,” known for its elusive nature and requiring three full moons to blossom, tantalizes taste buds with its medley of mandarin, kiwi, and passionfruit flavors.

According to Jeni’s, each flavor in the “Punk Stargonaut” collection is carefully crafted to evoke the wonder of celestial phenomena, offering ice cream enthusiasts a truly out-of-this-world experience.

As the countdown to the solar eclipse continues, ice cream aficionados eagerly anticipate indulging in these innovative and cosmically inspired flavors from Jeni’s.


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