Kedaara Capital’s Investment Boosts Dairy Day’s Growth Trajectory

by Alice

In a significant development, private equity firm Kedaara Capital has unveiled its investment in Dairy Classic Ice Creams Private Limited (Dairy Day), a prominent ice cream brand based in South India, as announced on March 21.


This strategic partnership underscores Kedaara Capital’s commitment to bolstering Dairy Day’s position as one of India’s premier ice cream brands, aligning with the company’s ambitious vision for expansion and market dominance.

The investment not only signifies a new phase of growth for Dairy Day but also facilitates a complete exit for Motilal Oswal Private Equity and other Angel Investors, as highlighted in the press release accompanying the announcement.

Dairy Day is poised to enhance its production capacity significantly, with plans to add 1.5 lakh litres of daily production capacity to its existing infrastructure, which currently stands at 2 lakh litres per day. Moreover, the company boasts an impressive revenue growth trajectory, achieving a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30% over the past decade.

MN Jaganath, Managing Director and CEO, along with A Balaraju, Technical Director, expressed confidence in Kedaara Capital’s ability to accelerate Dairy Day’s growth trajectory, emphasizing the shared values and aspirations that underpin this strategic partnership. They also extended gratitude to Motilal Oswal Private Equity for their exceptional collaboration, setting a benchmark for fruitful partnerships in the industry.

With headquarters in Bengaluru, Dairy Day has solidified its presence across key states including Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Maharashtra, boasting a network of over 50,000 retailers.

Kedaara Capital is poised to collaborate closely with Dairy Day’s promoters and professional management team, steering the company towards its next phase of expansion and market dominance. Vijay Dhanuka, Managing Director of MO Alternates, lauded Dairy Day’s remarkable growth journey over the past six years, commending the company for establishing a formidable position in South India.

Notably, consulting firm EY played a crucial role as the exclusive investment banker in facilitating this transaction, underscoring the significance of this investment in Dairy Day’s growth narrative.


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