New Ice Cream Shop and Plant Store, Salt Spring Ice Cream, Set to Open in Downtown Sanford

by Alice
Baskin Robbins

Excitement is stirring in downtown Sanford as Salt Spring Ice Cream prepares for its grand opening on April 20th. Nestled at 319 W. Saginaw Road, the establishment promises to offer an enticing blend of frozen treats and live plants, providing a unique experience for locals and visitors alike.


Owner Bridgit Sova, a distinguished special education teacher at Dow High and recently crowned Regional Teacher of the Year in Michigan, expressed her passion for both plants and ice cream. “It’s blending two things I love. It’s wonderful,” Sova remarked, reflecting on the inspiration behind her venture.

The inauguration will commence with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 11 a.m., followed by the store’s official opening at noon. Operating hours are scheduled from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and until 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, ensuring ample opportunity for patrons to indulge in frozen delights.

Named after Sanford’s historical roots as Salt Spring Reserve, the shop pays homage to the village’s rich heritage. Housed in a 30-by-40-foot building with a storied past, formerly serving as a post office, doctor’s office, and insurance offices, the establishment breathes new life into the community.

Sova’s vision for Salt Spring Ice Cream extends beyond mere refreshment. “I just want to create memories,” she emphasized, underscoring the shop’s role as a focal point for community engagement and enjoyment.

Sanford Village President, Dolores Porte, echoed the sentiments of eager anticipation, expressing enthusiasm for the addition of an ice cream shop to the downtown area. With ballgames slated to begin at the rebuilt Village Park in May, Porte anticipates a surge in foot traffic, with Salt Spring poised to become a popular destination for cold treats.

Featuring a delectable array of offerings, Salt Spring Ice Cream will serve up Ashby’s and Guernsey ice creams in 16 flavors, alongside soft serve, malts, shakes, flurries, and sundaes. Notably, the shop will offer four specialty children’s sundaes, each boasting whimsical themes such as sharks, baseball, gardens, and princesses, complete with edible flowers and butterflies.

In addition to indulging taste buds, Salt Spring Ice Cream will cater to plant enthusiasts, with Sova showcasing a diverse selection of plants for sale in various pots. Recognizing the therapeutic value of plants, Sova aims to provide patrons with mental relief and relaxation.

With a staff comprising 11 high school students from across the region, Sova is dedicated to fostering employment opportunities for local youth. The store, currently undergoing construction, will feature indoor seating, a serving area, and a designated space for outside tables and chairs, with plans to accommodate visitors accessing the shop from the nearby Pere Marquette Rail Trail.

Despite the challenges of launching a new business, Sova remains steadfast in her pursuit, acknowledging the invaluable support provided by the Michigan Small Business Administration throughout the process. As excitement builds and anticipation mounts, Salt Spring Ice Cream stands poised to become a cherished addition to the vibrant downtown landscape of Sanford.


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