New York’s Van Leeuwen Ice Cream to Debut Three Locations in Boston Area

by Alice

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, a renowned New York City-based chain celebrated for its inventive flavors and fresh, French-style ice cream, is set to make its inaugural splash in Boston with the opening of three locations across the metropolitan area.


This spring, ice cream aficionados can anticipate the unveiling of Van Leeuwen’s Chestnut Hill spot, situated at 55 Boylston St., offering a delectable array of flavors just in time for the season’s bloom. Following suit, the Seaport location at 131 Seaport Blvd. will debut during the summer, while the eagerly awaited scoop shop in Harvard Square, located at 1 Brattle Square, is slated to open its doors in the fall.

The journey of Van Leeuwen traces back to 2008 when Ben Van Leeuwen, Pete Van Leeuwen, and Laura O’Neill embarked on their ice cream venture, initially serving scoops from a vibrant yellow truck on the bustling streets of NYC. Their commitment to crafting French-style ice cream, distinguished by a rich base made with an abundance of egg yolks, swiftly garnered a devoted following, catapulting the brand to prominence.

Since its inception, Van Leeuwen has flourished, expanding its reach to encompass over 50 scoop shops spanning across New York, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, D.C., Colorado, Connecticut, and Texas. Notably, the chain recently marked its international debut with the opening of its first shop in Singapore.

Renowned for its collaborative flavors, including innovative creations such as Hidden Valley Ranch, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, and BIGFACE Coffee Affogato in partnership with NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler, Van Leeuwen’s menu boasts over 30 signature flavors. From the award-winning Vanilla Bean and Honeycomb to the indulgent Praline Butter Cake and Earl Grey Tea, there’s a tantalizing option to suit every palate.

Beyond scoops, patrons can indulge in an array of treats, from sundaes and ice cream sandwiches to root beer floats and milkshakes, with vegan alternatives including Banana Bread Pudding, Peanut Butter Brownie Honeycomb, and Strawberry Shortcake garnering acclaim.

For those craving a taste of Van Leeuwen’s delights beyond the scoop shop, the brand offers pints, ice cream bars, and sandwiches at grocery stores nationwide, along with the convenience of nationwide shipping through its website, ensuring that the joy of their artisanal ice cream can be savored far and wide.


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