Iconic Cape Cod Creamery Four Seas Ice Cream Hits the Market

by Alice
Baskin Robbins

After nearly nine decades of serving up homemade ice cream on Cape Cod, Four Seas Ice Cream is now up for sale, marking the end of an era for the beloved establishment.


As the current owners approach retirement, they’ve made the decision to part ways with the historic blacksmith shop-turned-ice cream parlor. With a price tag of $3.1 million, the property is now listed with Carey Commercial. The announcement of the sale has triggered an unprecedented level of interest, according to Chuck Carey, the owner of the firm.

“We’ve been inundated with inquiries unlike anything I’ve seen before,” Carey remarked to “For the past three or four days, it’s been overwhelming.”

Throughout its storied history, Four Seas Ice Cream has been a favored destination for both locals and notable figures alike, counting among its patrons luminaries such as Jackie Kennedy and Ryan Reynolds. In 2012, even pop sensation Taylor Swift graced the parlors with her presence alongside her then-beau, Conor Kennedy.

“It’s maintained its charm and authenticity over the years, which I believe resonates with the public because such constants are rare,” noted Carey.

According to reports from the property firm, a diverse range of prospective buyers have expressed interest in acquiring the shop. While some are keen on preserving its traditional character, others see potential for expanding the business further.

Overall, Carey observes a palpable excitement in the market surrounding the sale of this cherished family-owned establishment.

“It exudes a remarkable allure and nostalgia. It’s deeply entrenched in people’s hearts,” Carey commented.


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