IFBC Expo 2024: Zhengda, Ai-Cha and Ai-Ka to offer franchises

by Alice

Zhengda Chicken Steak, Ai-Cha Ice Cream & Tea, and Ai-Ka Coffee & Tea, brands under the Nanyang Group, seized the opportunity to offer franchise partnerships at the 2024 Info Franchise & Business Concept (IFBC) Expo held at ICE BSD, Tangerang, Banten.


During the three-day event, running from February 23 to 25, 2024, these F&B brands extended franchise opportunities to attendees, with the unique proposition of funneling 100 percent of the investment directly to the franchise partners. Moreover, interested parties had the chance to sample the delectable offerings of these brands firsthand at the IFBC Expo.

ZHENGDA Chicken Steak, known for its crispy chicken offerings, embodies the “on-the-go street food” ethos since its inception in 2022, aiming to deliver high-quality meals to patrons on the move.

Similarly, Ai-Cha Ice Cream & Tea, established in 2019, focuses on delivering quality beverages at affordable prices, garnering popularity through its diverse menu offerings. Responding to the surge in demand for coffee-based beverages, Nanyang Group expanded its portfolio with Ai-Ka Coffee & Tea, providing a haven of tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Prospective partners attending the IFBC 2024 exhibition could benefit from promotional offers, potentially saving up to Rp 150 million. These incentives encompassed waived management fees for two years, complimentary survey and training fees, a cashier system at no cost, and exemption from royalty payments, among other financial perks to facilitate partners’ initial venture into the business. Additionally, attendees who signed up during the expo were eligible for a Rp 20 million discount on machinery or an iPhone 15.

The event also featured engaging mini-games such as dart competitions, with complimentary food or beverages up for grabs as prizes. Attendees who inked partnership deals during the expo had the chance to spin a wheel for a shot at winning free machinery or vouchers for food raw materials worth up to Rp 15 million. Notably, the exhibition drew the attention of numerous social media influencers, further amplifying the presence of ZHENGDA, Ai-Cha, and Ai-Ka.

One of the highlights was the “Make Your Own Treat” program, enabling participants to experience the process of crafting beverages or ice cream from the Ai-Cha brand firsthand, from ingredient preparation to serving.

To commemorate the conclusion of the Chinese New Year festivities, Nanyang Group organized a Cap Go Meh game, offering participants the chance to win cash prizes of up to Rp 1 million or discount vouchers for product purchases.

Moreover, Michael (Xu Liang), Overseas Business Development lead at Nanyang Food, and Danny Tahardi, the General Manager, hosted an entrepreneur talk show themed “Business Opportunities in F&B: Uniqueness and Challenges.”

Nanyang Group’s franchise model presents an attractive proposition for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to embark on a business venture with a modest initial investment. Partnering with Nanyang Group promises a plethora of benefits, setting the stage for a fruitful entrepreneurial journey.


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