Government Funding Boosts Somerset Ice Cream Business

by Alice

Brickell’s Ice Cream, nestled between the picturesque locales of Bruton and Shepton Mallet in Somerset, has recently experienced a surge in sales, thanks to a timely injection of government funding. The catalyst behind this growth is the Rural England Prosperity Fund (REPF), a governmental initiative aimed at bolstering small businesses and organizations in rural areas across the UK.


Robert Gore, the visionary founder of Brickell’s, expressed gratitude for the support received through the REPF. He noted, “We have already seen a significant uplift as a result, and we have a lot more coming as our season starts.” This endorsement underscores the tangible impact of government initiatives in driving economic growth and fostering entrepreneurial endeavors in rural communities.

Somerset Council, entrusted with disbursing the REPF funding, has announced the commencement of the second round of funding, totaling £2.5 million. Businesses and organizations are invited to vie for grants ranging from £5,000 to £100,000, offering an opportunity for further investment and expansion.

The versatility of REPF funding extends to a myriad of endeavors aimed at nurturing local economies. From supporting farm businesses seeking to diversify income streams to enhancing community infrastructure, the funding serves as a catalyst for innovation and progress. Notably, it facilitates the development of new products, facilities, and services that contribute to the socio-economic fabric of rural regions.

For Brickell’s Ice Cream, the impact of the REPF funding has been transformative. Mr. Gore attested, “The rural England prosperity fund has been a huge boost in enabling us to increase our production and supporting infrastructure, allowing us to continue to grow and expand.” This testimonial underscores the pivotal role of government support in fostering business resilience and scalability.

The strategic allocation of funds has empowered Brickell’s to forge partnerships with national distributors, confident in their capacity to meet burgeoning demand. This strategic alignment not only amplifies market reach but also fortifies the local economy by fostering collaboration between regional enterprises and national stakeholders.

As Somerset’s entrepreneurial landscape thrives under the auspices of government funding, Brickell’s Ice Cream emerges as a quintessential success story, epitomizing the transformative power of strategic investment in rural enterprises. Through collaborative endeavors and sustained innovation, Somerset exemplifies the resilience and ingenuity inherent in rural communities.

In conclusion, the partnership between government funding initiatives like the REPF and local businesses such as Brickell’s Ice Cream underscores a shared commitment to fostering economic vitality and prosperity in rural regions. As Somerset continues to harness the potential of entrepreneurial ventures, the ripple effects of this synergy promise to shape a brighter future for all stakeholders involved.


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