Swiggy Reports Surge in Ice Cream Orders Amidst Summer Rush

by Alice
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As temperatures soared across the nation, Swiggy, the leading food delivery platform, offers insights into the ice cream craze gripping the country, based on ordering trends observed from March 01 to April 15, 2024.


During this period, Swiggy recorded a notable 16% increase in demand for ice creams compared to the previous year, indicating a significant surge in the nation’s appetite for frozen treats.

Among the array of flavors available, chocolate emerged as the clear favorite, closely followed by the quintessential summer delight, mango. Other popular flavors included tender coconut, almond, and classic vanilla.

Delving into city-specific preferences, Mumbai led the charts in fruit-based ice cream orders, with tender coconut and mango flavors reigning supreme. Meanwhile, Hyderabad showcased a penchant for nut-infused ice creams.

The evening hours, particularly from 7 pm to midnight, emerged as the prime time for ice cream cravings, with Swiggy processing over 6.9 lakh orders during this period. Additionally, the afternoon slot, from 11 am to 4 pm, witnessed a substantial 4.6 lakh orders.

In a surprising revelation, Bangaloreans showcased a unique trend by embracing ice cream as a breakfast choice, with approximately 80 thousand orders recorded during the morning slot from 7 am to 11 am.

When it comes to packaging preferences, tubs witnessed a significant surge in popularity, surpassing single scoops by a remarkable 25% increase since the previous year. Family favorites in tub form included chocolate, mango, tender coconut, and Sitaphal.

Furthermore, Swiggy observed a substantial 70% increase in orders for vegan and guilt-free ice cream options, reflecting a growing demand for healthier alternatives among consumers.

Despite the widespread popularity of ice cream, one Mumbai-based user stood out, placing a staggering 141 orders during the summer season, totaling 310 items of ice cream—a testament to the enduring love affair between Indians and their frozen delights.


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