“Ben & Jerry’s Annual Free Cone Day: How to Indulge in Free Ice Cream Today”

by Alice

It’s that time of the year again – Ben & Jerry’s is back with its much-anticipated annual “Free Cone Day” celebration on April 16th, spreading joy with the promise of over 1 million scoops to be given away at their shops worldwide.


Origins of Free Cone Day:

Dating back to 1979, Ben & Jerry’s inaugurated Free Cone Day at its lone shop nestled in Burlington, Vermont. Despite the brand’s expansion across states, the tradition persevered, albeit with varying dates over the years. In 2015, the company proudly boasted the distribution of over 1,000,000 scoops annually on Free Cone Day – a milestone it aims to uphold.

“We’re calling upon our fans to make this year exceptional: extend the invitation to friends, family, and neighbors, and join us in surpassing our goal of 1 million scoops on Free Cone Day 2024,” remarked Dave Stever, CEO of Ben & Jerry’s, regarding the 2024 festivities.

How to Partake in the Free Cone Extravaganza:

Interested individuals can simply visit the Ben & Jerry’s website to locate the nearest Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop. It’s imperative to ensure that the “Participate Free Cone Day” box is checked for eligibility.

Scoop it Up:

Unlike conventional free giveaways that impose restrictions, Ben & Jerry’s encourages patrons to savor multiple flavors to their heart’s content.

“Guests are welcome to return to the line as many times as they desire. Veteran enthusiasts understand the ease of queuing up again on Free Cone Day with a scoop already in hand,” stated the company in a recent press release.

So, seize the opportunity, gather your friends, and indulge in the delectable delights of Ben & Jerry’s without restraint. Free Cone Day awaits – don’t miss out on this sweet celebration!


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