“Authors Best-Selling Ice Creams Unveils New Ashburn Location”

by Alice

A delightful addition has emerged in Ashburn’s University Center neighborhood with the recent opening of Authors Best-Selling Ice Creams, a charming small-batch ice cream shop.


Ahmed Shaffi, the brain behind Authors Best-Selling Ice Creams, initially delved into the world of ice cream as a hobby, crafting delectable treats for friends and family with a modest Italian ice cream machine. Encouraged by the community’s enthusiastic support, Shaffi ventured into marketing his creations at local farmer’s markets under the moniker Dough Boys Creamery.

Inspired by his nephew Fayzan Mirza’s suggestion to turn their passion into a business venture, Shaffi embarked on the journey of establishing a full-fledged ice cream shop.

Transitioning from a tech industry consultant to a food entrepreneur posed its challenges for Shaffi. Reflecting on the early days, he recalled the hurdles faced, particularly with equipment temperature control. However, with perseverance and strategic adjustments, the business steadily flourished.

The decision to expand into a brick-and-mortar establishment came naturally as the demand for their artisanal ice cream soared. Although faced with a setback in trademarking the original business name, the team’s resilience led them to the evocative name Authors Best-Selling Ice Creams. Marketing Manager Angela Ly emphasized the significance of ice cream in fostering cherished memories, hence the apt association with best-selling books.

The shop marked its official debut with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on April 13th, evoking a mix of excitement and apprehension for Shaffi and his team.

Regular patrons of the farmers’ markets need not fret, as the permanent location doesn’t signal the end of their ice cream rendezvous. Authors’ signature flavors such as lychee, white coffee, peppermint bark, and pineapple coconut will still be available via their mobile truck at local markets.

Nestled at 44933 George Washington Blvd., Suite 150, the Ashburn locale also offers an array of espresso-based beverages and affogatos—a delightful fusion of ice cream and coffee. For more information, visit, and embark on a journey of delectable indulgence.


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