Montgomery County’s The Family Room: Where Classic Cars and Ice Cream Unite Communities

by Alice

Nestled in Laytonsville, Maryland, The Family Room stands as a testament to “all the best things in life,” according to its proprietors. Kim Glab and her daughter, Corinne Sawyer, co-owners of this charming establishment, have cultivated an inviting space where locals gather to savor coffee, indulge in ice cream delights, and peruse an array of Maryland-crafted treasures.


“Our ethos is rooted in supporting local artisans,” explains Glab. “By collaborating with Maryland makers, we not only offer unique products but also contribute to the vitality of our local economy.”

For Glab and Sawyer, operating as a mother-daughter team is a cherished dream realized. Despite the occasional clash of opinions, they relish the opportunity to collaborate daily. “It’s truly a dream come true,” Glab affirms.

Sawyer echoes this sentiment, expressing gratitude for the privilege of working alongside her mother. The bond they share adds a special charm to The Family Room’s ambiance, fostering a sense of warmth and familiarity among patrons.

Beyond its role as a retail space, The Family Room serves as a hub for community engagement. Every Friday evening, the parking lot comes alive with the gleam of classic cars as families gather for “cars and cones.” Amidst laughter and conversation, visitors enjoy ice cream treats while admiring the vintage automobiles on display.

Throughout the summer months, The Family Room hosts a monthly pop-up market, showcasing an eclectic mix of local businesses. From artisanal candles to handcrafted jewelry, the market offers a diverse selection of goods that celebrate Maryland’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit.

Above all, Glab and Sawyer strive to create a haven where patrons can unwind and find solace from life’s demands. “We want people to walk into The Family Room and leave their worries behind,” Sawyer explains. “Our aim is to spread a little happiness with each visit.”

In an era marked by bustling digital landscapes and fast-paced living, The Family Room stands as a beacon of community, reminding us of the simple joys found in classic cars, ice cream, and genuine human connection.


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