“Ice Cream Parlors and Beach Buffets to Witness Price Surge This Year”

by Alice

As the sun-kissed days of summer beckon, ice cream parlors and beach buffets gear up to welcome throngs of visitors across the country. A recent analysis conducted by Oeconomus reveals that prices for ice cream and buffet fare are poised to escalate during the peak season, echoing trends from the previous year. This uptick is primarily attributed to labor shortages and increased costs of certain ingredients.


While most parlors strive to maintain price points within reasonable bounds, pinpointing this delicate balance remains a challenge, given its subjective nature, subject to varying customer perceptions. Projections indicate a 10-15 percent surge in ice cream prices in Hungary this year, a figure consistent with the previous year. However, in more popular locales, a scoop of ice cream is anticipated to command prices ranging between HUF 600-650. This notable escalation in ice cream costs is largely underpinned by a 14 percent surge in average gross earnings in February compared to the previous year. Additionally, while global food prices are anticipated to dip on average from the latter half of 2022, sugar is expected to witness a significant price hike in the Hungarian market. Moreover, the soaring cocoa prices on the global scale further compound the challenges faced by ice cream vendors.

In 2023, Amasra Plajı in Turkey boasted the most affordable ice cream prices, with a scoop priced at a mere GBP 0.1 (HUF 44). Conversely, French beaches ranked among the priciest, with a single scoop fetching up to HUF 1,800.

Lángos, a beloved staple at Balaton beach buffets, is poised to witness a significant price hike in 2024, soaring past the HUF 1,000 mark from its previous pricing of over HUF 900 last year—an approximate surge of 8-10 percent. Notably, while flour prices have plummeted by nearly 20 percent, other key ingredients like sour cream, cheese, milk, and cooking oil have seen varied declines ranging from 2-20 percent.

An accompanying analysis charts the fluctuations in prices of classic buffet meals over the past four years:

Sausage prices have surged from HUF 1,930 to HUF 3,070 per kilogram.

Carp steak prices have escalated from HUF 2,220 to HUF 4,310 per kilogram.

Hamburger costs have surged from HUF 674 to HUF 1,640.

French fries, priced at HUF 533 previously, now command HUF 1,050 per kilogram.


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