Beloved Ice Cream Destination Returns to Coquitlam

by Alice

Coquitlam, BC – As temperatures rise and warmer weather beckons, ice cream enthusiasts in Coquitlam can rejoice as a familiar favorite makes its return.


Baskin-Robbins, renowned for its array of 31 flavors, has opened its doors on the second level of the Coquitlam Centre shopping mall, offering patrons a chance to indulge in their icy delights once again.

The franchise is under the ownership of Vancouver’s Adel Ashry, who boasts a track record of franchising global brands like Starbucks, Cheesecake Factory, and American Eagle across the Middle East and North America. Recently, Ashry’s company unveiled Baskin-Robbins outlets in Burnaby’s Metropolis at Metrotown and Guildford Town Centre in Surrey as part of an ambitious plan to establish 25 ice cream outlets in the Vancouver and Calgary areas.

Baskin-Robbins traces its roots back to 1945 when Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins merged their eight California-based ice cream parlors. Five years later, the iconic Baskin-Robbins brand emerged, with the duo famously deciding whose name would precede the other via a coin toss.

The concept of offering 31 flavors stemmed from their aspiration to provide a distinct ice cream option for each day of a month. Over time, the company has developed over 1,400 unique ice cream flavors for its extensive library.

Throughout its storied history, Baskin-Robbins has become renowned for crafting flavors that pay tribute to significant events and cultural phenomena. From “Lunar Cheesecake” commemorating the first moon landing to “Beatle Nut” celebrating the Beatles’ appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, and “Miami Ice” inspired by the iconic 1980s TV series Miami Vice.

In 1994, Baskin-Robbins was acquired by Dunkin’ Donuts, and today boasts over 7,700 locations worldwide, continuing its legacy as a beloved destination for ice cream aficionados everywhere.


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