Tourism Kamloops to Treat Locals with Free Ice Cream in Honor of National Tourism Week

by Alice

In celebration of National Tourism Week, Tourism Kamloops is sweetening the deal by offering complimentary ice cream to residents as part of its efforts to invigorate the region’s tourism sector.


In a recent press statement, Tourism Kamloops announced its Kone for Kamloops event scheduled for Tuesday, where locals can indulge in free ice cream.

“All you need to do is proudly display your ‘Loops Explorer Pass at any of the participating ice cream shops in Kamloops between 4:00 pm and 9:00 pm on April 16th,” stated Tourism Kamloops.

Participating establishments include Scoopz, the Frozen Paddle, and the Ice Cream Social.

Furthermore, Tourism Kamloops’ Destination Development team will host a roundtable event on April 18, gathering tourism industry partners to explore avenues for enhancing tourism offerings.

“We are dedicated to gaining insights into potential enhancements for attractions, developments, and experiences,” the press release highlighted.

According to Tourism Kamloops, the tourism sector contributed a substantial $7.2 billion to BC’s GDP in 2022. Specifically for Kamloops, tourism made a significant impact on the local economy, generating $522 million and attracting $310 million in direct visitor spending during the same year.


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