Leek Ice Cream Emerges as Japan’s Newest Must-Try Local Specialty

by Alice

With the enticing tagline “Enjoy Good Happy,” a novel dessert is poised to capture hearts and taste buds alike.


Japan’s culinary landscape is renowned for its array of local specialties, each city boasting its own delectable treat that tantalizes palates like nowhere else. Nestled in Fukaya, a city within Tokyo’s neighboring Saitama Prefecture, lies a treasure: negi, or leeks, celebrated for their exceptional quality and flavor, fostered by the region’s ideal climate for cultivation.

Traditionally, leek season peaks during the winter months, tapering off by early March. However, responding to the fervent desires of leek enthusiasts yearning to savor the vegetable beyond its seasonal confines, a visionary store vendor devised a creative solution.

By ingeniously freezing leeks and incorporating negi powder into the concoction, a novel ice cream emerges, granting patrons the opportunity to relish the renowned local delicacy year-round. This frozen delight promises a multisensory experience, with the robust leek flavor and aroma awakening the senses of taste and smell, while its texture provides a gratifying crunch for both ears and palate.

Visually captivating, the treat showcases gentle green-and-white hues, emblematic of its star ingredient, accentuated by whimsical negi-shaped chocolate pieces reminiscent of the city’s mascot.

Dubbed a flavorful invitation to “Have a good Fukaya,” this exclusive ice cream is available solely at Michi no Eki Okabe, a roadside station nestled along the Fukaya bypass.

Priced at 480 yen (US$3.17), the Negi Soft Serve will be on offer from March 16 until early November, when the authentic vegetable reclaims its prominence on store shelves. With a repertoire boasting unique ice creams and whimsical sandwiches, Saitama undeniably beckons as a destination worth exploring!


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