Young Entrepreneurs Launch Ice Cream Stand, Delighting Locals

by Alice

In a heartwarming tale of youthful entrepreneurship, the Force siblings – Caleb, 11, Josh, 9, and M.J., 7 – have captured the hearts of their community with the launch of their very own ice cream stand. Situated along SE CR 326 in front of their home, the siblings have become local heroes, offering an array of delightful treats to passersby.


Inspired by the abundance of commuters and tourists traversing Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, the young entrepreneurs seized the opportunity to bring joy to their neighborhood by setting up their makeshift ice cream stand. The stand, adorned with homemade signage and brimming with enthusiasm, quickly became a beacon of sweetness in the area.

Harnessing their ingenuity, the Force siblings crafted homemade peach ice cream using peaches harvested from a tree on their family farm. Complementing their icy offerings were delectable peanut butter chocolate cookies and classic vanilla ice cream, ensuring there was something for every palate.

Despite their tender ages, the Force siblings demonstrated remarkable initiative and resilience, having previously ventured into entrepreneurship during the winter months with the sale of bird houses and bird feeders.

Their dedication to their newfound business venture did not go unnoticed, as motorists and locals alike stopped by to indulge in their delicious offerings. From indulging in homemade peach ice cream to savoring freshly baked cookies, patrons reveled in the charming ambiance and warm hospitality provided by the Force siblings.

As the afternoon sun bathed their stand in golden light, Caleb, Josh, and M.J. enthusiastically greeted customers, waving homemade signs and sharing their infectious enthusiasm for their fledgling enterprise.

The Force siblings’ entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering determination serve as an inspiring reminder that age is no barrier to pursuing one’s dreams. Their heartwarming endeavor has not only brought smiles to the faces of their patrons but has also instilled a sense of community pride and admiration for their entrepreneurial prowess.

As the summer months unfold, the Force siblings look forward to expanding their offerings and spreading more joy through their ice cream stand, proving that even the simplest of pleasures can make a significant impact when fueled by passion and determination.


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