Blue Bell Ice Cream Introduces New Flavor to St. Louis Market

by Alice

Residents of St. Louis with a penchant for sweets have reason to celebrate as Blue Bell Ice Cream brings its delectable treats to the city, including a new locally-inspired flavor.


Starting this Monday, select grocery stores in the area will offer distribution of Blue Bell products, fulfilling the eager anticipation expressed by consumers through various channels.

Responding to the enthusiastic inquiries, Jimmy Lawhorn, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Blue Bell, expressed the company’s delight in expanding its presence to St. Louis. “Consumers have contacted us through letters, phone calls, email and social media, asking when Blue Bell will be available in St. Louis,” Lawhorn stated in a November 2023 release. “We are happy to say Blue Bell is on the way! We will offer our full product lineup.”

In addition to the classic favorites, Blue Bell hinted at introducing a new flavor specifically tailored to cater to St. Louis’ taste buds, with a nod to the beloved gooey butter cake.

Operating from a 16,000-square-foot distribution facility located in St. Peters, Blue Bell ensures the integrity of its products through a direct store delivery system. This method guarantees that only Blue Bell employees handle the ice cream from production to store shelves, maintaining quality and freshness.

While the ice cream itself may not be produced onsite, the St. Peters facility boasts ample storage space to keep the containers properly chilled.

For those eager to indulge in Blue Bell’s offerings, a map is available online to locate the nearest retailer stocking the beloved ice cream brand.

With the arrival of Blue Bell Ice Cream, St. Louis residents can look forward to satisfying their cravings with a taste of tradition and innovation.


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