Indulging in Evanston’s Newest Ice Cream Parlor: Parlor on Central

by Alice

Ice cream aficionados in Evanston, Illinois, are in for a sweet treat as the city prepares to welcome its newest addition to the dessert scene: Parlor on Central. Nestled in the heart of Independence Park, this upcoming ice cream parlor promises to delight locals and visitors alike with its delectable offerings and inviting ambiance.


A Sweet Collaboration: Meet the Owners

The brains behind Parlor on Central are none other than Demi and Aleks Urosevic, along with Aleks’ sister Kristina and brother-in-law Eli Kesic. While this marks their inaugural foray into the ice cream business, the quartet is no stranger to entrepreneurship, having previously collaborated on ventures together. Their familial bond serves as the foundation for their partnership, fostering a sense of unity and shared vision for their newest endeavor.

From Dream to Reality: The Genesis of Parlor on Central

The inspiration for Parlor on Central struck the Urosevic and Kesic families unexpectedly. Living in close proximity to Independence Park and frequenting the area with their young children, they often found themselves craving a refreshing scoop of ice cream on warm summer days. When the opportunity arose to transform the former Blended space into an ice cream haven, they seized it with unwavering enthusiasm.

A Vision of Simplicity and Sophistication

Parlor on Central aims to capture the essence of simplicity and modernity, offering a curated selection of flavors designed to tantalize taste buds without overwhelming the senses. With a commitment to inclusivity, the menu boasts a diverse array of options, including vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free alternatives to cater to patrons with dietary restrictions. Demi’s personal experience with lactose intolerance informs the emphasis on allergy-conscious choices, ensuring that everyone can indulge in the ice cream experience.

Crafting a Culinary Experience

Central to the Parlor on Central experience is the art of simplicity. Eschewing elaborate sundaes and shakes, the establishment opts for a streamlined menu featuring classic favorites served in cones, cups, or pints. Freshly made waffle cones add a touch of artisanal charm, elevating each scoop to new heights of indulgence. With a rotating selection of approximately 20 flavors, including seasonal specialties, patrons can look forward to discovering new tastes with each visit.

Embracing Community and Tradition

Evanstonians have long held a deep-seated affection for ice cream, as evidenced by the city’s thriving dessert scene. Parlor on Central seeks to honor this tradition by providing a welcoming space where families and friends can come together to create cherished memories over shared scoops of their favorite flavors. As a testament to their commitment to the community, the owners eagerly anticipate becoming integral members of Evanston’s culinary landscape.

Anticipating a Warm Welcome

With its imminent opening slated for May, Parlor on Central is poised to become a beloved destination for ice cream enthusiasts throughout Evanston and beyond. The overwhelming support and positive feedback from the community serve as a testament to the anticipation surrounding this exciting venture. As the doors of Parlor on Central swing open, eager patrons can look forward to embarking on a delicious journey filled with simple pleasures and unforgettable flavors.

In conclusion, Parlor on Central represents more than just an ice cream parlor—it’s a testament to the power of shared dreams, familial bonds, and the enduring appeal of a timeless treat. As Evanston prepares to welcome its newest culinary gem, anticipation mounts, and hearts brim with excitement at the prospect of indulging in scoops of pure happiness at Parlor on Central.


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