Perry’s Ice Cream Company Unveils Five New Flavor Innovations

by Alice

Perry’s Ice Cream Company is set to tantalize taste buds this month with the introduction of five new ice cream flavors. Among these exciting additions is an innovative blend that combines a classic dessert favorite with a contemporary twist.


One of the standouts is “Bee Sting,” poised to be a sensation at scoop shops and restaurants. This daring creation features swirls of hot honey, a trendy condiment infused with chili, seamlessly infused into vanilla pudding ice cream alongside a tantalizing graham cracker swirl. The infusion of hot honey, popularized in savory dishes like pizzas, fried chicken, and charcuterie, promises a unique flavor experience.

Reflecting a nostalgic trend, another highlight is “Fruit Scoops,” designed to evoke memories of childhood cereal indulgences. This flavor boasts fruity cereal ice cream complemented by vibrant fruity cereal swirls, evoking the sweet remnants left in a bowl of milk after a satisfying breakfast.

The lineup of new flavors doesn’t stop there:

Caramel Panda Paws: This retail-exclusive offering presents a delectable blend of sea salt caramel ice cream adorned with caramel panda paw cups and decadent swirls of thick, rich fudge, available in convenient 1 1/2-quart containers.

Over the Moon: Indulgence reaches new heights with this creation, featuring toffee ice cream generously layered with crushed cookie swirls and tantalizing sponge candy pieces, offered in 16-ounce containers for retail purchase.

Cookie Jar: Combining the irresistible flavors of sea salt caramel ice cream and chocolate chip cookie chunks, this flavor is available in 1 1/2-quart containers for retail customers, as well as at select scoop shops and restaurants.

Perry’s Ice Cream Company continues to push the boundaries of flavor innovation, offering consumers a delightful array of options to satisfy every craving. Whether seeking a nostalgic treat or a bold flavor adventure, these new offerings promise to delight ice cream enthusiasts of all ages.


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