Milan Mulls Midnight Ban on Ice Cream and Pizza to Preserve Peace and Quiet

by Alice

Milan, Italy – In a bid to safeguard the tranquility and well-being of its residents, the city of Milan is considering a groundbreaking measure: banning the sale of ice cream after midnight. The proposed law, outlined in a legislative document filed by the local government, aims to curb noise disturbances caused by late-night revelers.


If enacted, the regulation would prohibit the sale of takeaway food, including pizza and beverages, after 12:30 a.m. on weekdays and 1:30 a.m. on weekends and public holidays. The move is a response to complaints from a significant portion of the population regarding excessive noise, as Mayor Giuseppe Sala emphasized in a recent statement.

“In my capacity, I must consider the concerns of all citizens, including those who work and those who wish to conduct their affairs peacefully,” Mayor Sala stated. The proposal seeks to strike a delicate balance between fostering social interactions and entertainment while ensuring the peace and well-being of residents, according to Marco Granelli, the deputy mayor responsible for security.

The ban would apply to 12 districts in Milan, encompassing prominent areas such as Brera, Ticinese, Darsena, Lazzaretto, Corso Como, Arco della Pace, and Navigli, where nightlife activities are prevalent.

However, this initiative is not without its critics. Lino Stoppani, president of the Italian federation of public and tourist operators (Fipe), expressed concerns about the potential negative impact on businesses. “The issue of nightlife is real, but this regulation will only harm enterprises,” Stoppani remarked.

Notably, Milan has previously attempted to address the issue of late-night gelato consumption. A similar proposal was made in 2013 under then-Mayor Guiliano Pisapia, but it faced strong opposition and failed to materialize. Referred to as “the battle of the cones” by the Italian media, the contentious debate sparked a protest movement known as “Occupy Gelato.”

Residents and stakeholders have until early May to voice their opinions and propose amendments to the proposed law. Meanwhile, Lorenza Bonaccorsi, president of Rome’s I Municipality, suggested an alternative approach, advocating for a ban on the sale of takeaway alcohol throughout the city center.

As Milan grapples with balancing the interests of its residents, businesses, and visitors, the outcome of this legislative proposal could have significant implications for the city’s nocturnal landscape.


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